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What’s Included…

– Hotel HIIT Travel Workout
– Morning Mobility Routine
– How To Eat Well On-The-Go
– Evening De-Stress Meditation

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What Can We Help You Do?

  • Miami Health And Wellness Bullet PointFeel confident in your skin & love your body
  • Miami Health And Wellness Bullet PointBuild long-term habits = long-term results
  • Miami Health And Wellness Bullet PointCreate a consistent, sustainable fitness routine
  • Miami Health And Wellness Bullet PointImplement quick & effective workouts & mobility
  • Miami Health And Wellness Bullet PointEnjoy your favorite foods anxiety-free
  • Miami Health And Wellness Bullet PointIncrease mental clarity, focus, & productivity
  • Miami Health And Wellness Bullet PointFeel light & energized all day long
  • Miami Health And Wellness Bullet PointStay motivated with accountability & support

Your time is now to discover your best L.Y.F.E.


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Guaranteed—For L.Y.F.E.!

 When you train with the L.Y.F.E. with Nikki TEAM, you’ll get our satisfaction guarantee! We don’t just give you a cookie-cutter program and expect you to do it all on your own. We support you every step (every rep!) of the way so you get lasting results.

Our Satisfied Clients


  • Miami Health And Wellness Chatham“My favorite thing about Nikki’s approach to fitness would be the way she structures her routines. The workouts are structured the same way every time—It is a safe place for someone like me who has a fear of exercising!” Chatham M.
  • Miami Health And Wellness Mari 2“I love how Nikki’s program has easy access to everything. My body was changing pretty fast. Between the 3rd-4th week you could see a huge difference in my body composition. Nikki’s program boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem. It made me feel good overall!” Mari N.
  • Miami Health And Wellness Vanessa“I’ve always really struggled with a lot of anxiety around my diet and exercise, working with Nikki really helped me understand the way that I need to formulate my meals. It really changed my approach to eating!” Vanessa S.


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