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If you’ve attempted program after program, trying to tone up and lose body fat without any lasting success, I’ve got great news for you:

With 15+ years of coaching experience, it’s safe to say that I’ve dialed in the exact method that works for busy professionals just like you. Not by “guessing”, but by using a proven system with real results from real people.

EMBODY will be the last health and wellness coaching program you’ll ever need.

I promise you won’t just lose the weight, but you’ll actually keep it off with a holistic approach to health and wellness that teaches habits you’ll take with you for a lifetime.

No quick fixes or fad diets here.

Consistency + Time = Results!

The signature L.Y.F.E. with Nikki 3M Method emphasizes the importance of consistency, hence:

Live Your Fullest Everyday!


Implementing the 3M Method of Mindset, Movement, and Meditation has been the game-changing combination for busy professionals just like you who have experienced incredible results in:

– Toning up

– Losing body fat

AND (most importantly)

– Healing your relationship with your body image

This result-driven, proven system is grounded in both science and spirituality to elevate your body, soul, and ultimately your entire life.

You deserve to love yourself and your body and feel confident in your skin.

You deserve to be happy and embody your highest and most authentic self.


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If These People Can Do It, So Can You!

Feeling unsure?

Check out how the EMBODY Program has changed dozens of lives for busy professionals just like you, giving these people their confidence back they had missed out on for years.

These clients went from feeling stuck, frustrated, and defeated with their health and wellness →

To absolutely crushing their goals with ease, loving the way they look and feel, and living their best L.Y.F.E.!

Amanda H.

Amanda H. Headshot

“The last 2 months have really helped me keep a consistent diet. I’m not eating bad like I was before.”
“Nikki is genuine and I can see how much she genuinely cares.”
“This program is awesome, great, and it’s really useful!”

Andrea F.

Miami Health And Wellness Andrea F. Headshot 1

“Going from having 6-10% body fat to just enjoying life has been a huge part for me!”
“With Nikki, one of the things that I really like is the app that we use, I can bring it anywhere with me.”
“I feel 1000% better! I’m not constantly fatigued, I have energy doing my workout!”

Aracely F.

Miami Health And Wellness Aracely F. Headshot

“I started to feel a difference in my shape pretty fast.”
“What I liked the most about the program was that the body movements were small, but they were very targeted. I felt like it was really working.”
“I really felt very comfortable in telling Nikki my needs.”

Aynsley F.

Miami Health And Wellness Aracely F. Headshot

“She’s always been so positive and just wants to keep the momentum going for us. I was able to adapt and we were able to do a lot of workouts online. Not being able to go to the gym is a big thing for a lot of people and having a virtual trainer as wonderful as Nikki—It was really great!”
“The Reiki session calmed me. It made me feel more focused and helped me gain an ability to get through my huge to-do list. The sound healing gave me more clarity and confidence!”
“It was really hard to connect with your colleagues and peers during the pandemic. One of the programs that Nikki put together for us was the ability to engage with our employees and colleagues to get together after work and blow off some steam because everybody was stressed out at that time. A few people joined the call and it was a lot of fun!”

Chatham M.

Miami Health And Wellness Chatham M. Headshot

“I noticed a huge shift in my confidence. I’m definitely toning up!”
“My favorite thing about Nikki’s approach to fitness would be the way she structures her routines. The workouts are structured the same way every timeIt is a safe place for someone like me who has a fear of exercising!”
“I feel so much better since doing Reiki with Nikki! I don’t know if it’s the Reiki and the meditation practice, or maybe it’s the summer sunshine and the Reiki. I don’t care what is doing what, I am doing so much better! I’m having this little moment of time where I just feel very clear, very down to Earth, very grounded.”
“Thank you for the healing that I have started doing. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Elisa M.

Miami Health And Wellness Elisa M. Headshot

“In working with Nikki I had way more structured workouts and had a stronger understanding of which body parts to focus on and how to focus on them.”
“Having a level of expertise like Nikki gave me so much reassurance in my workouts.”
“Nikki is very responsive and she completely understood what I wanted from the beginning until now.”

Emma T.

Miami Health And Wellness Emma T. Headshot

“I’m really glad I had my training with Nikki. I’m really happy I invested in myself.”
“The first in-person workout was really worth it! It was a great investment.”

Fabiola T.

Miami Health And Wellness Fabiola T. Headshot

“I just love her classes because she is so focused on doing the movements that I really like.”
“I have a problem with my knees and had surgeries. She was the one who taught me how to modify all the exercises.”
“I always recommend Nikki. I love the way she teaches!”

Gaby H.

Gaby H. Headshot

“I really wanted to work with a trainer who would give me accountability and give me a very simple format that I could follow from home.”
“My favorite part: You get the results you are looking for and you don’t have to put in as much time or completely exhaust yourself in order to get those results.”
“Nikki knows how to give you the results that you want and really use weights in the most effective way possible that’s going to give you the physique that most women are looking for.”

Katie M.


“Nikki’s very understanding. She’s never going to shame you. Never say, hey, you’re self-sabotaging yourself, she’s never going to do that. She’s always warm, welcoming, and supportive. So that’s one thing that I love about Nikki that she’s very supportive and loving.”

Kelsey M.

Miami Health And Wellness Kelsey M. Headshot

“I saw benefits really quickly from this program. I immediately felt like I was getting stronger!”
“I noticed the first big change in 3-4 weeks of doing the program. It felt so effortless!”
“I’ve never gotten bored with any of Nikki’s workouts—When I was doing the program for a few months I did it almost single day!”

Krisy S.

Miami Health And Wellness Krisy S. Headshot

“I love the pre-recorded workouts. It keeps me on track.”
“What I love about Nikki’s program is that it was something that was feasible. It does not take hours to do. It’s very on-the-go!”
“It’s a beautiful program. I started seeing results and it felt good. I love it!”
“I cannot stress enough how amazing Nikki’s program is and how different it is than the other ones that are out there.”

Mari N.

Miami Health And Wellness Mari N. Headshot

“I love how Nikki’s program has easy access to everything.”
“My body was changing pretty fast. Between the 3rd-4th week you could see a huge difference in my body composition.”
“Nikki’s program boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem. It made me feel good overall!”

Maxel A.

Miami Health And Wellness Maxel A. Headshot

“You get what you pay for with Nikki’s program.”
“Nikki always makes sure to go the extra mile to help me out.”

Tara L.

Miami Health And Wellness Tara L. Headshot

“With Nikki’s program I came to the realization that I’ve had more time and energy for my fitness.”
“Nikki was always positive and motivating, she always checks in with us. She cared about me, who I was, and what I can do with my workout.”

Valerie V.

Miami Health And Wellness Valerie V. Headshot

“Before I started with Nikki’s training program, I was really unmotivated. I gave her program a try and I absolutely loved it! It kept me on track for 5 days of the week.”
“I’ve lost 10 lb to date. I’m feeling great about myself. I’m feeling more confident!”
“The cost for this program is comparable to that of going to the gym. It’s a great supplement.”
“I love how you can track your workouts with the app!”
“I love the live virtual workoutsThey keep me motivated!”

Vanessa S.

Miami Health And Wellness Vanessa S. Headshot

“The workouts that Nikki provides are very doable and achievable.”
“I’ve always really struggled with a lot of anxiety around my diet and exercise, working with Nikki really helped me understand the way that I need to formulate my meals. It really changed my approach to eating!”
“I’m more consistent than ever before. I feel better all thanks to Nikki!”

Why Not You Too?

Are you done with hating how your clothes fit and feeling embarrassed by the way you look?

Are you fed up with all the fad diets and quick fixes that never work?

Does this sound like you?

This sounded like my clients too before they had these amazing results.

If this isn’t enough proof for you to stop waiting, wanting, and wishing, and actually TAKE ACTION on your goals, I’m not sure what else would convince you…

If these people can do it, I know you can too. I believe in you.

And I’m here to show you that YOU can believe in you too!

Are you ready to be the next success story?

Then let’s do this together!